Outstaffing service means an opportunity to take personnel off your company’s by recruiting employees to the Recruit Alliance staff. The agency takes the responsibility for salary calculation and payment, for taxes, as well as HR administration. However, the employees or new specialists, recruited by the agency’s consultants remain to work in your company and perform necessary functions.

For the best efficiency use Outstaffing if necessary to reduce the administrative staff, when registrating employees for short-term projects or temporary increase of volume of work (incidental to seasonality, company reorganization, etc.), and when there is no possibility to increase the number of staff in the company.

Benefits of Outstaffing:

• Solving of problems related to the staff limitation;
• Ability to hire staff for any term;
• Reduction of financial burden for a company;
• Social protection of personnel, which may serve as an additional motivation;
• Guaranteed compliance with all labor and taxation laws with respect to personnel.

Stages of cooperation:

1. Conclusion of the Agreement upon rendering of a service to provide with personnel.
2. Recruit Alliance employs staff in accordance with the requirements stipulated in the Agreement.
3. Employment of personnel is performed strictly according to the working legislation.
4. During all the term of the Agreement your company will be assisted by our expert.

Outstaffing results are increasing of the company efficiency, reducing of costs and strengthening of market power.


Outplacement is a complex program for painless outsourcing of employees, consulting on career issues as well as informative-counseling support during a job search period and prove-out time.

The goal of the outplacement program is optimization of an enterprise’s organizational structure, creation and support of a company’s positive image as an employer, increase of employees’ loyalty level, and selection of new vacancies for the company’s employees.

• Group consulting;
• Individual consulting (Career Consulting);
• Professional resumes writing;
• Getting ready for interviews;
• Psychological support;
• Providing with resourcing search (administrative support);
• Advisory support during searching time and probation.

Stages of cooperation:

1. Providing consulting support for companies and employees.
2. Searching for potential companies-employers with the most competitive job offer.
3. Providing a candidate with interesting proposals.
4. Employment assistance after a positive response of the candidate.

According to the results of the Outplacement program the company receives staff optimization and minimization of possible consequences of dismissal risks. The employee gets a new job.